Still a little confused about what you need to do to get going to improve your SEO, or how much you'll be able to achieve yourself?  Hopefully, we have the answers below!

Q) What product should I begin with?

A) We advise starting with the Site Audit, to get a proper idea of exactly how well or poorly your site is performing from an SEO perspective right now.

If you already know that you're not ranking for your desired keywords but aren't sure why, this product will also tell you where the problems lie and what to do next.

Q) I'm not very computer literate - should I still give optimising my website a go?

A)  We would advise against doing 'on-page' optimisation yourself if you struggle with technology as it's generally time-consuming, ineffective and may even cost you money to edit your websites 'back end' unless you're comfortable doing so.  There are aspects of your website which should not be edited, and it's best to leave adjusting these to us.  However, 'off-page' SEO such as adding backlinks or improving listings can be done with little tech knowledge, so we suggest starting with these.

Q) Is there a way to make this all happen faster, so I can be on page 1 of Google next week?

A) There are ways to expedite the process, but it is unlikely you will be on page 1 next week, and it's possible you may not even be within a month.  If speed is of the essence, we suggest you get in touch with our sister agency Digital Narrative and talk to them about setting up Google Ads to cover the 'gap' in your results appearance while you work on your SEO in the background.

Q) Can I add my own backlinks?

A) You can.  If you are confident that you can secure 10+ quality links to your website from other genuine websites, there's nothing holding you back!  View our blog on Backlinks here to help.

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