The SEO Store is the sister agency of Digital Narrative, a Sydney-based digital marketing agency run by Lauren Hamilton.  Our mission it is to demystify SEO for business owners in need.

With over ten years of experience working across hundreds of websites, Lauren has built a reputation as a straight-talking and intuitive digital strategist.  She developed The SEO Store out of a desire to simplify this aspect of organic digital marketing for her clients, who find that SEO is the most bamboozling part of doing business online.

"There's no silver bullet with SEO, and I'm always the first person to say this.  But what we can say, with certainty, is that if you make your website as attractive, visible and compliant with how search engines find and rank sites as possible, your chances of driving awareness online sky-rocket."  

Lauren can be contacted for interviews, comments and writing on all things digital by email at hello@theseostore.com.au.  To connect with Lauren via Linked IN click here.

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