Local SEO and Your Business

Local SEO might feel like just ANOTHER thing you now need to wrap your head around in a hurry, but it's actually nothing new.  It simply refers to focusing on ensuring your website is optimised (attractive and compliant) with how Google and other search engines rank websites with particular focus on ensuring you're presented as a 'local' result.

This means that your business - if it is a physical business - will appear in the 'information panel' (see image below - the boxed information on the right including maps and images is the panel) when a Google search is made, giving viewers immediate information to your location in proximity to their own.

It entails ensuring mobile optimisation is spot on (most local searches are done on mobile while on the go, so this is key) and creating and maintaining a solid Google Business Listing which ticks all of the boxes to bring your listing up first.

Local SEO work pays more attention to physical distance from the searcher, and also factors in reviews (which demonstrate how well-known your business is and thus how 'good' a result you are for Google to show people in that area).

If it's critical for your business that you show up in local searches - i.e. you serve people in one way or another in your physical location, such as a barber, cafe, travel agent or shoe store.  If this is something you'd like to discuss with us, book in for a free Mini SEO Consult right HERE. 

There may be a small number of minor tweaks only required to get you showing up at the right time, and the right place, to the right people!